Sonntag, 17. November 2013

Ghoulchapel Interview


Formed in:

Yerevan, Armenia

Symphonic Black Metal

Ando Kamavosyan - Vocals 
Tigran Ayvazyan - Guitars 
Marina Sargisyan - Keyboards 
Mark Erskine - Guitars, Bass, Drums, Keyboards

Q: What was the reason for using the band name "Ghoulchapel"? Does it have a specific meaning? 

A: We had a lot of thoughts about the name of the band. There were a lot of options, but this name came to my mind after writing the text for our first single. Which tells the story of the expulsion of the traitors from a small town by religious fanatics. They are - ghouls, vampires who are hiding in their chapel and terrorize ordinary people. The name was approved by the entire band.

Q: Ghoulchapel was founded in Armenia in 2013. In the same year, you already released your first full-lenght album called "Nightmarish Illusions". How did the band get together, how did the material come together so fast for the full album and how was the reaction of the fans when first listening to the album ? 

A: We found each other after I leaved Blood Covenant for personal reasons, I was looking for like-minded people to create something that I like, first I met Ando and he as well as me wanted to create a band, then we found Tigran and Marina. We pretty quickly found each other! We started the band in august of 2013 and immediately  recorded our first single, and after this began to record the full length, we really wanted to do it, we were eager to show people what we 
can do, and personally I've always dreamed of it. The album was recorded in my little home studio in three months, I wrote the music, I had a lot of ideas, and days on end, forgetting about all the world, I have been writing and recording music, and then with Ando we recorded all the vocals. People really enjoyed it, I didn't expect such a reaction, but we quickly earned a lots of fans.

Q: Tell the readers something about your album "Nightmarish Illusions". What is special about this album and why should people go check it out? 

A: The album tells the story of a man wandering in a world of his nightmares in which he's stuck. I had something like visions, dreams, after which I started writing these lyrics. This album is about a man who stuck in his dreams, in 
his illusions, in his nightmares, all this described in the form of horror legends. In fact, the texts have a different meanings, listeners can differently understand their true meaning.

Q: How is the metal scene in Armenia like? Describe us the metal-community in your country. 

A: Metal scene in Armenia is slowly growing and devolving, there are many interesting bands, but personally symphonic black metal genre, or black metal are very poorly developed.

Q: What lyrical theme do you guys use in your music? What message do you want to send? 

A: Horror, legends, ghosts, nightmares, fear. We are inventing stories ourselves. We love all evil, dark, mysterious stuff, and we want to pass all this through our music. 

Q: What artists have influenced your band and its music?

A:  Carach Angren, Rotting Christ, Dimmu Borgir. We are a big fans of these bands.

Q: How many shows have you played, and which one has been your favorite thus far?

A: We had no concerts yet; we are very young band, and for first we decided to record an album and we did it, concerts - next year. That was a start with a full length album, we wanted to introduce ourselves to 
people, so they already have an idea about us.

Q: What is the main source of inspiration when writting new music?

A: Definitely it's a Stephen Kings books, personally for me. And the music of a bands we love - Carach Angren, Dimmu Borgir for example. Classical horror films, stories, my dreams - I always have nightmares.

Q: What are your plans for 2014 ?

A: For first we want to have a concerts. And then we will start recording a 2nd album, There's already many ideas! And it will be better than first, I promise. We still ahead! 

Q: Do you have any shout outs to give the readers?

-Mark: Thank you for listening to our music and for reading this interview, we wish you all the best, stay metal , stay brutal, and enjoy the nightmarish illusions, enjoy the fear and darkness! Hails!

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Samstag, 16. November 2013

Mork Interview


Formed In:

Halden, Norway 

Black Metal

Thomas Eriksen - Vocals, Guitars, Bass
(Lucass - Studio Drums)

Q: What was the reason for using the band name "Mork"? Does it have a specific meaning? 

A: Mork is actually a made-up word I got out of a norwegian word that kind of set the feel to the necro sound i was out for back in 2004. Many years later I was told that atleast one more band was using the same name. But since my variant is a original word made by myself I don't worry about that.

Q: Mork was founded in Norway in 2004. The first full-lenght album however, entitled "Isebakke" was released in 2013. Can you tell the readers the reason for this late release and tell us the meaning of the title "Isebakke"? 

A: As I have always been on my own with the fascination of black metal in my hometown, naturally I have done everything alone. Another factor is that I have always produced everything myself, and back in the beginning my lack of experience and primitive recording skills really proved any releasing of music to be hard. I have however made several demos through the years with various results, wich all is stored in my "private vault".
This day I have become more experienced and therefore can produce a product that I am satisfied enough with to release to the public.
Isebakke is simply the name of a suburb area outside of my hometown were I grew up and later created Mork.

Q: Tell us something about your album "Isebakke". What is special about this album and why should people go check it out? 

A: "Isebakke" is a biographical album about the roots of my own engagement in black metal, and a homage to the originators of the necro classics of the early 90's.
The album is raw and full of cold and eerie atmosphere that can swift you away into a dark state of mind.. It's also a good introduction to the darkness of Mork and the origins of it's existance.

Q: How is the metal scene in Norway like? Describe us the metal-community in your city of origin Halden.

A: The scene in Halden is and has been mostly based on rock'n roll, punk-rock and country-music. Metal has been absent throughout my own upbringing, though I know some of the older guys were into thrash-metal and stuff in the 80's when i ran around in dypers. Offcourse there has been plenty of people listening to metal like myself but no bands or practecing musicians. Now in the later years more of the younger kids is starting to play metal, but that's mostly more modern and "hip" stuff.

Q: What lyrical theme do you use in your music? What message do you want to send? 

A: When i sit down to write lyrics I try to dig deep down into the darkest of thoughts and ideas thats buried within my head. Theres themes based on hatred, misanthropy, death anti-religious at points and so forth. I have been considering to keep the lyrics unreleased to have the listener make up his or her own atmosphere and mindset.

Q: As a two member band, did you already played live gigs ? If yes, how was it and how was the reaction of the fans; if not, are you interested in finding more members in the future and start playing live more frequently ? 

A: Mork is and has always been my own one-man-band. I was fortunate enough to meet the very talented drummer Lucass a couple of years ago and we got to be friends quite quickly. Mork has always been a more necro-kind of black metal but I as a guitarplayer do enjoy the bit more technical modern kind of black metal also. So together we started working on this more modern style and I wrote a bounch of songs and riffs, wich was to be the new Mork. But since this process took some time and I am still encouraged and driven by the necro-style I decided to continue down this path as a loner. 
The more modern-Mork is still in the works and we just have to wait and see what will come of it.
There has never been any liveshows. But I am open to maybe essemble a line-up some time to do some shows. Lucass is always welcome to join in if there should be an opportunity to do a show.

Q: What artists have influenced your band and its music?

A: My first encounter with black metal happened at the Roskilde Festival in Denmark back in 2001. Some of my family has been involved with the festival for many years and I was invited down there as a VIP-guest to experience the event. As I stood in the back of the stage witnessing the true Mayhem show I was blown away. It was the "Grand Declaration of War"-tour and the brutallity of hellhammers drumming and the knifecutting and screaming of Maniac was so fucking extreme. I had never seen or heard anything like this before and went home with a curiousity of what this was all about.
Later I as many others do did discover black metal, including the first and second wave of the 80's and 90's.
Mork's necro-black metal is influenced mostly by the mystic of Burzum and the rawness of Darkthrone.

Q: What is the main source of inspiration when writting new music?

A: Mainly it is me sitting down with my guitar in the studio and recording whatever comes onto the fretboard.. The riffs give me sparks of inspiration that I work further on.
Sometimes I get inspired from things I have seen or thoughts that pop into my head.. Negative and dark things and thoughts offcourse.

Q: What are your plans for 2014 ?

A: I am working on getting "Isebakke" released through a label in physical formats including CD's, tapes and Vinyls. And I am already working on the follow-up album. 
"Isebakke" and Mork is overall unknown as of yet so I have to wait and see if this actually spreads out and what kind of future lies ahead for my music.

Q: Do you have any shout outs to give the readers?

A: Check out the album through the digital medias it is available through at this time (iTunes, amazon and such) and if you get into it.. Spread it out to your brothers and sisters of metal. serves as homepage and there you can contact me and also order a very limited and numbered DIY CD of "Isebakke". Thanks for the attention and keep dwelling in darkness \m/

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Freitag, 15. November 2013

Cranioectomy Interview


Formed In:

Plymouth, England

Brutal Slamming Death Metal

Jez Lundström - Drums, Lead Vocals
Olly Lyle - Bass, Vocals (backing) 
Grant Nicholas - Guitar, Vocals (backing)

Q: What was the reason for using the band name "Cranioectomy"? Does it have a specific meaning?

A: I first read the word "Cranioectomy" in the 8th book of the "A Series of Unfortunate Events" series, about 3 years before the band formed. Straight away I decided that I wanted to be in a band called Cranioectomy, but I never found a band which I felt matched up with the name, until last year. Literally, it means "surgical removal of the skull", and in the book it was a name used to cover up a decapitation.

Q: How many shows have you played, and which one has been your favorite thus far? 

A: We've played about 5 or 6 small shows in our local area, we're still looking for gigs all the time. I think my personal favourites are the ones where we've been asked on really short notice. We played a show tonight that we were only asked to play about an hour before we were due on stage!

Q: What lyrical theme do you guys use in your music? What message do you want to send? 

A: All of our songs are just gory horror stories. We talk a lot about violence and killing, mostly centred around some messed-up villagers in the middle of nowhere, killing any hikers that stumble upon the village. Ther's not really any underlying message, we just try to be as controversial and offensive as possible. So far it's worked pretty well.

Q: What artists have influenced your band and its music?

A: Me and Grant were listening to Cryptopsy at the instant that we decided to form a band (the exact song was Mutant Christ), but we mostly take influence from other slamming death metal bands, such as Cephalotripsy, Guttural Slug, Abnormity, Abominable Putridity, Torsofuck, Devourment, etc. I (Jez, the drummer and lead vocalist) take a lot of influence from tech-death bands, like Cattle Decapitation and Hour of Penance.

Q: What is your favorite lyrical line from one of your songs?

A: Wow, that's a tough one!! I don't think I could single out any particular line, they're all just gory sentences! I'd have to say that the sickest line (or pair of lines) we've come up with is on Rotten Torso Lacerations: "Tounguing the algae inside the wounds, Letting slugs in through the cuts".

Q: Earlier this year, you released your first full length album called "Twisted Tales Of Putridity". Can you tell the readers what is special about this album and why they should check it out?

A: Well, there are quite a few things special about it! It was a zero-budget album, all the members were 17 at the time of recording, I play a guitar solo on the second song (even though I'm the drummer!) and I don't think I've ever seen any other slam-death albums come out of Plymouth. 

Q: What is the main source of inspiration when writing new music?

A: The sick, twisted thoughts at the back of our minds. The ones we all have, but don't let out in fear of being locked up. The ones that say "Dude, you could easily push that old lady in front of that bus, it would be so easy". We often just get drunk or high, put all the "rules" of lyric writing to one side, and let out all the messed-up stuff in our heads.

Q: What are your plans for 2014?

A: We're currently about halfway through writing for a second album, which should be released by about August 2014. This time we're writing a full album, rather than a bunch of unconnected, individual songs. Apart from that, we really want to get ourselves out there a bit more, promote the first album, and keep improving our music!

Q: Do you have any shout outs to give the readers?

Shout outs to everyone that listens to metal of any kind! The metal community is the coolest I've seen, I love it! Special shout outs to everyone that's listened to us on YouTube, liked the page, come to our shows and supported us or the general slam-death scene. Thanks for keeping death metal alive!!

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Montag, 11. November 2013

Rivers Of Nihil - The Conscious Seed Of Light Review

This year I tried to focus more on underground and less known bands than on the "big ones". I was hoping to find talented bands that deserve much more attention and my results were unbelivable so far. You simply have no idea how many young bands put out incredible releases in every sub genre of metal and a few people get to listen to them and enjoy them. If you don't know this blog yet : check out, it became my favorite source of metal straight from the beggining. They post new music daily, only new releases, some of them even leaked, but I don't want you to steal the music! Just download anything you want and buy what you really enjoy. Every album on that page has a "buy" link as well, use it when you really enjoy an album! 

So this is like a said my daily source of metal, and a few weeks ago I found a band with a cool name that I also heared in the past but I never gave them a listen. The album cover, name of the album and the names of the songs were also killer, and the music genre "technical death metal" is also one of my favorites, so I decided to download the album and check them out. After only 1-3 songs I already knew that this new album called "The Conscious Seed Of Light" by the american quintet RIVERS OF NIHIL (MetalBlade Records) from Reading, Pennsylvania will become one of my favorite 2013' releases and bought the album shortly after. 

The album starts with an intro called "Terrestria I : Thaw" that is a beast of an opener for an album. It starts in an almost atmospheric black metal style with tremolo picked guitars and a dark ambient and ends with fast blast beats and double bass patterns. It is a very structured intro that gives the listener an awesome first impression about the album in my opinion. The transition between the intro and the next song called "Rain Eater" is also very tight and good. "Rain Eater" is probably my favorite track of the album because of the catchy guitar riffs and really powerful vocals and lyrics. Vocalist Jake has some very agressive screams / mid - low growls and can also do some tight harsh vocals. No clean singing, no bullshit, just pure brutality and awesomeness. 

All songs fit perfectly to eachother and create and unique atmosphere that you will not find on no other album. The tracks were very well composed and the band consists of very talented and dedicated musicians and songwritters. Every single riff on this album is awesome and as a fan of technical death metal you will enjoy them without doubt. 

The drumming is very diverse and dynamic and was recorded very tight. If you concentrate on the drums while listening to the album, you will hear a lot of details that make this album so good. The album also has a bass line that doesn't always play the same thing as the guitar and sounds very deep and tight. Very good mixing/editing and mastering as well, respect Erik Rutan for that! The guitars also have a very cool distorted sound that sounds very good. You can find very fast tremolo picked riffs, classic death metal riffs, more atmospheric "let ring" riffs, breathtaking solos, some very fitting and interesting speed/tempo changes and much more on these 41 minutes of intense metal. It is a very technical album with an progressive vibe and a lot of other influences that will make you listen to it over an over again; there's always something new to discover!. 

All in all, "The Conscious Seed Of Light" by tech death quintet Rivers Of Nihil is one of the best releases in the metal world this year in my opinion and it is something for every fan of bands like Obscura, Beyond Creation, Spawn Of Possession, Decapitated, Fallujah and so on. Buy this shit! It's worth the money ! Stay metal.

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Sonntag, 10. November 2013

Throne Of Katarsis - The Three Transcendental Keys Review

Earlier this year, I wrote a review about Throne Of Katarsis 2011' release "Ved Graven" that was an awesome album for every fan of old school black metal. Now, two years after the release of Ved Graven, the band gives birth to an other masterpiece entitled "The Three Trancendental Keys" released through Candlelight Records records on the 21st of October 2013.

The album is 50 minutes long and consists of only three songs, a song for each of the three transencental keys. It is a concept album, musically and lyrically. The whole album offers the listener a breathtaking atmosphere that you will not forget. The album has a real evil vibe and some may also call their genre depressive suicidal black metal because of this real sinister atmosphere that they create. Obviously, all three songs are very long and have several segments, for example fast blast beats and tremolo picked guitar riffing, but they have some slower atmospheric parts as well.

Listening to the songs, you feel like you are on a journey, experiencing several up/downs and mood changes. But the mood never gets positiv, in fact, if you listen closely you will sink in the melancholy of the songs and enjoy the good music created by this masterclass band. You will encounter beautiful melodies, fast blast beats, horrifying screams that scream like a victim on the bottom of hell for salvation, melancholic chords and so on. You have to listen three-four times to the album to discover all hidden elements and understand the music right.

The quality of the recordings got a little better than on the last release but it's still raw enough to remain "trve", if you know what I mean. Personally I think that the quality of the recording is a thing that gives the band even more musical darkness and feeling; it simply fits perfect to the music. The album cover is in the same style as their previous release "Ved Graven" and totally fits to the music as well.

"The Three Transcendantal Keys" is an album that you will listen from the beginning to the end. The tension never drops and the band managed to bring enough diversity to the songs so that they are not boring. If you think that this is an other band that just repeats three riffs for 15 minutes, you are wrong, because they don't (and this is a good thing) because you can see how talented they are by structuring their music so well and making it almost unique in the whole black metal scene.

Throne Of Katarsis' new release is not very different from what they did in the past, but the music definetly improved and they reached a new level of grimness and musical perfection. "The Three Transcendantal Keys" is an album for every fan of negative old school black metal with a dark atmosphere. Check it out!

facebook fan page:


Mittwoch, 12. Juni 2013

Immoralist - Widow Review

Immoralist are a really nasty beatdown/downtempo deathcore band from Richmond, Virginia that released their first EP "Widow" in April 2013 through We Are Triumphant Records.

Starting with the album cover art and ending with the music itself, I really have to say that "Widow" is one of the best deathcpre releases of 2013 in my opinion. The artwork, a old woman (widow) that just stares at you with completly black eyes is really scary, evil and fits perfectly to the music. The intro called "145" starts with some spooky sfx and ambient sound, it's something like the silence before the storm, because the rest of the EP is indeed a storm of brutality and anger. Back to the intro; after about 30 seconds of confusing sfx, the guitars fade in and end in a really brutal breakdown that is a perfect introduction for the EP. 

The next song called "Deathspitter" is the best song on the album in my opinion. Only the fact that both James and Chris from King Conquer have a guest spot on the track should make you check out this epic EP. The guitars are tuned low, the music is slow and groovy and the breakdowns are bonecrushing. Everything what a fan of beatdown deathcore needs.

The rest of the EP continues in the same style, tight drumming, agressive and powerful vocals and good song structures. The band also has some really good lyrics and interesting lines. What you will hear is an EP by a really mature band that knows how they want to sound like and know what atmosphere they want to create in their music.

Personally I am a big deathcore/beatdown fan and I think that I know what good deathcore is, so I would really recommend this band or EP to every deathcore fan that likes the more brutal side of deathcore, no gay shit, only brutal chugging and riffing straight in your face! "Widow" was the first deathcore release this year that managed to melt my face off, so check them out, they're really worth a listen!


Dienstag, 11. Juni 2013

Blood Red Throne - Self Titled Review

Blood Red Throne is a technical death metal band from Norway formed in 1998 that released their very anticipated new self titled album in May 2013 through Sevared Records .

Like Cannibal Corpse or The Black Dahlia Murder, Blood Red Throne is one of the bands that will not dissapoint their fans on any of their releases. They always keep their brutal sound and style on every album but still evolve  musically from record to record.

This self-titled album is a very mature release. Every single riff is unique and really agressive. The guitar sounds very good and the whole album has a very good tone quality and was perfectly mixed and mastered. The drums also sound very cool and have a dry sound. The drummer is a very talented musician in my eyes and plays very dynamic drum patterns. He plays several kinds of blast beats perfetly and is a master of the double base. Like on the predecessors, the vocals on this album are very variated and well-fitting. The vocalist can sing the words very dark and low but also can turn them into really cool high growls that sound like black metal vocals, a thing that I personally really enjoy.

The songs themselves are very diverse and good structured. Although they all may sound very identic at first, after listening to them a few times you will remark that they're unique and that you can dinstict them easily. Musically they have true death metal influences combined with some brutal death metal parts and black metal tremolo picked riffs under some really fast and tight blast beats. All songs are very fast and agressive and you'll not get a break till the album is over. I also really enjoy the "thrashi" and "groovy" riffs on the album, and although this album is clearly an elitists dream, the band also has a cool part in the song "Deatholation" where core-fans could two-step to. All in all it is a very diverse album with very good songs and an evil atmosphere. 

The artwork of the album is really elegant and well-fitting and I have to say that "Blood Red Throne" is a very underrated band. Check out the songs, "In Hell I Roam" or "March To The Undying" to get an idea how the album sounds like. I would recommend this record to every death metal fan, from fans of Spawn Of Possession to fans of Dying Fetus, from Belphegor fans to Aborted fans. Check them out and enjoy the good music!